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Is It Better to Rent or Buy a Home?

Is Renting or Buying a Home the Better Choice?Some renters are building up a nest egg in order to make a down payment to buy their first home. On the other hand, there are homeowners looking to downsize and reduce their maintenance obligations by renting. According to one study, more than a third of families rent their home. There are pros and cons to either situation, in addition to unique challenges that apply to renters and...

4 Home Improvement Projects with High Returns

Home Improvement Projects that Yield High ROIHomeowners have a difficult job of deciding how to maximize their property's potential. They have to maintain a balance of doing what they need to feel comfortable and doing what they need to make future buyer's comfortable, which can be a tall order for anyone. It's helpful to understand how buyers view the home before diving into the average returns a seller will get from their specific home improvement projects.

The Long and Short

The structural unity of the St. Petersburg Beach home is the most...

Downtown St. Pete church agrees to sell its parking lot for $5.6 million

Downtown St. Pete church sells parking lot

ST. PETERSBURG — A downtown congregation has agreed to sell a portion of its prime property to a Connecticut developer.

Christ United Methodist Church said it has signed a contract to sell its parking lot at First Avenue N and Fifth Street to Miles River Development for $5.65 million.

The developer could not be reached for comment, but church leaders say they believe there are plans to build a mixed-use tower on the little more than half-acre lot.

In an area zoned for mixed-use, the property is in the city’s downtown core district, which allows the highest densities and building height. Elizabeth Abernethy, the city’s zoning official, said there is no height restriction, but buildings more than 158 feet above mean sea level...

6 Curb Appeal Tips for Home Sellers

How to Boost Curb AppealThe first steps toward selling a home beyond consulting with an agent and determining a price point all start with assessing a home's overall appeal to buyers. Curb appeal is something that home sellers think about a lot, and with good reason. Boosting curb appeal can help increase the sale price of a house, or may even lead to a faster sale. These tips will help home sellers improve their home's curb appeal and make their house more marketable to buyers.

Open Curtains


Is Buying a Condo Right for You? 3 Key Considerations Before Investing

How to Decide if Buying a Condo is Right for YouBuying a home is an exciting time, but deciding what kind of home to invest in can be confusing. After all, there are several things considerations when buying a condo or a single-family home to keep in mind. Because they offer owners the ultimate in convenience in many aspects, condo ownership can certainly have its privileges. However, one should carefully consider these pros and cons of buying a condo before making a final decision.

Condominium Maintenance: Convenient or Cumbersome?


5 Steps to Take to Buy a Home

Your Guide to Home BuyingPurchasing a home can be more time-consuming than home buyers realize, which can be a surprise during a transition period. While it's impossible to eliminate the stress entirely though, buyers can cut down on the uncertainty if they take it one step at a time. Before a buyer even sets foot in an open house, consider the following tips before mapping out the first move.

Loan Shopping

The lender a buyer chooses has a lot to do with how their home ownership experience will go. Buyers can start with their personal bank, but it helps to get a few quotes for comparison. No matter which financial...

How to Show a Home: Steps to Promote a Positive Home Showing

4 Home Showing Tips for the Savvy SellerOnce homeowners have decided to sell their home, the first step any real estate professional will prepare them for is the home showing. Although showing a home is such a crucial part of the home selling process, many sellers may not know how. They need to get the showing aspects as perfect as possible, because they never know when the right buyer will come along. Here are a few tips to make it easier.

Create a Checklist

Selling a home usually involves several home showings before one or more...

Landscaping Tips for Homeowners: Boost Curb Appeal Today

How to Landscape for Curb AppealA home's landscaping can have a big impact on its curb appeal, which in the long run can improve the overall value of a home and help sell the home faster. The best way to improve landscaping and curb appeal is to promote healthy growth on the lawn and in the garden beds. These tips can help homeowners make their landscaping and their home look more attractive.

Prune Spindly Bushes

Bushes have a way of growing lanky and spindly over time. When this happens, the best way to make the shrub...

Want A Smart Home? How to Install Home Automation

Want A Smart Home? Tips to Get StartedA smart home can make life convenient while also potentially reducing a home's carbon footprint. In many cases, smart home upgrades will also add considerable value to the home. Homeowners who are interested in making their home a smart home can do so by starting a little at a time, by choosing good products to install and by picking the right home assistant. These tips can help.

Know Your Priorities

Homeowners who haven't yet started to pick their smart products must first decide why they want a smart home and what they hope to achieve. Some smart products make life convenient, others help...

A Beginner's Guide to Down Payments

Homebuyer's Guide To Down PaymentsThe down payment is usually the single biggest factor for how much a person will spend on their home over time. But while most people know that their ideal number should be at least 20% of the total price of the home, fewer and fewer buyers actually have those types of funds amassed at the time of purchase. Add in home inspection costs and property taxes, and it becomes clear why close to 55% of all buyers can't quite hit that number. See what the options are for homeowners who may not be able to put down 20% on a conventional loan....